Case Study

02. Academia

The Challenge

A promising start-up into the academia line of work in the United States, approached us with a unique requirement. The business model of the company revolved around signing up students from various educational backgrounds, cultures and ages through cold calling and explaining academic course material and other service offerings. This was a unique challenge for us as the client required specially designed scripts for certain prospective customer classes, and that the calling agents be trained to first recognize these patrons and then execute the calls based on the prescribed scripts. And additionally being a start-up touting towards being profitable, there was an obvious cost constraint inherent in the project requirement.

The Ensuing Actions

At Call Center BPO, we take challenges head on and help our customers ace their business aspirations. We had a team of top notch calling specialists who had experience at calling out as per as predefined scripts, who we eventually trained to the requirements of the clients. The training process involved not just voice training, but also product and services brush-up, so that the calling agents were able to offer the best guidance to the prospective clients. We undertook an exhaustive resource screening based on the projected customer reach numbers, in order to ascertain the most appropriate strength of the team required to meet these. Although the client wasn’t enthusiastic initially about outsourcing owing to reservations about the call quality, we counselled them and got them on-board by conducting real-time calling exercises through our agents.

The Result

Within a two-month period of commencement, we were able to effectively execute almost ten different calling scripts, which eventually boosted the customer reach indicators considerably. In addition to an increased reach, the final conversion percentages also improved considerably, and a profit expansion of almost 20 percent was realized the same financial quarter.


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